Featured Speakers:

 Michaela Iorga
Michaela Iorga
Senior Cloud Computing Technical Lead
National Institute of Standards and Technology
 Peter Fonash
Peter Fonash
Chief Technology Officer, Cybersecurity and Communications Organization
Department of Homeland Security
 Damon Davis
Damon Davis
Director, Health Data Initiatives
Department of Health and Human Services
 Shawn Kingsberry
Shawn Kingsberry
Chief Information Officer
Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board

Data Analytics Week for Government

Join us as we explore the Federal Government’s significant progress in improving its management of information resources to increase interoperability and openness. Fiscal Year 2015 will put pressure on government agencies to make advancements in technology without increasing costs. We are designing this conference to provide a platform that gives these ever-changing agencies the knowledge and tools they will need to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

With the advancements in technology, there is the introduction of titles within government agencies to match the skillsets required. This is a  challenge in itself as there are existing Information Technology experts working for federal government. The focus of leaders has shifted to making data  accessible to the existing employees.

Solving the current challenges facing federal IT executives is an integral part of being able to make improvements. During this three-day event, we will be covering the biggest challenges facing the government at the moment. This event will set the stage for an intuitive and in-depth focus on the past, current and future requirements and capabilities of Data Analytics in Government. Content and discussions will be presented as keynotes, panels, case studies, project updates and roundtable discussions focusing on:

  • Properly preparing and simplifying your data in order to make it more accessible for tenured employees
  • Carefully choosing the data you are analyzing; the concept of Rubbish in, rubbish out. Good data will derive useful analytics, while poor data will provide useless information.
  • Determining the appropriate data technology that will best support your agency’s mission, requirements and capabilities
  • Securing your data throughout the data analytics process and storage in order to protect the confidentiality of your agency’s information

If these issues are your priorities, you won’t want to miss Data Analytics Week for Government as we unravel the key issues in government data analytics today and equip you with the tools you need to take on your agency’s challenges.

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